Naim Audio Uniti Atom system with Amphion Argon 0 Loudspeakers


Naim Audio Atom/Amphion speakers

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This Naim Atom based system features the compact but superb Amphion Argon 0 speakers. A beautiful and discreet audio sytem with ease of use, flexibility and little fuss.

Stream from your music library or using subscription services like Tidal and Spotify. Cast from your tablet, Bluetooth your phone. Or connect your television or record player. In built internet radio lets you enjoy music from anywhere in the world.
Simple to use and set up and controllable with remote and a free APP for both apple and android.

The Argon 0 is a perfect speaker for the Atom as it is also compact in size and yet anything but in terms of performance. These small speakers are easy on the ear, musical and convincing and easy to site in almost any room.

Comes with 2 x 4m of good quality speaker cable too.

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